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Majek Winery -
Labels & More

Over the past year, I have worked closely with a local winery to provide them marketing materials (stickers, magnets) and also came up with the label designs for their line of various kitchen and body care products.


After designing several stickers for them and their wine club events, the winery approached me to help with the packaging for a line of Soaps, Lotions, candles, oils, vinegars, and spices. The main request was incorporating hand painted cardinals (their mascot) done by a relative with watercolors. This required a lot of patient photoshopping and photography to create digital assets of all the birds.


Once all the birds were isolated, each product scent / flavor got a unique bird and design based on elements found in each product. The included images display the various items in their finished state.


All designed and printed by

Ryan Allen, FinchWorks Creations

Logo Stickers + Cardinal Sticker in the Winery's Tasting Room
Majek Farms Lotions, Soaps and Candles
More Majek Farms Lotions, Soaps, and Candles
Majek Farms Olive Oils
Majek Farms Spice Mix front label and some olive oils
Majek Items and Testers on Display at local boutique
Majek Wine Club 2023 Fridge Magnets
Majek Wine Club 2024 Fridge Magnets
Majek Farms Vinegars
Majek Farms Spice Mix
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