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Sausage Fest
2022 & 2023

For the previous 2 years I have assisted the local Chamber of Commerce advertise and brand their yearly spring festival, Sausagefest. The event brings local cooks, vendors, and the community together to celebrate the Czech and German heritage of the small town of Schulenburg, Texas. 

The goal was to capture the many activities hosted at the event but ultimately everything revolves around the sausage. This is prevalent throughout all the designs and there are plenty of wieners featured on every piece. The mascots Vlasta Pickle and Anton Sausage had to make their appearances, as well. This is always one of my favorite pieces to create as it requires creativity to fit each year's festivities on one rack card while still looking fun.

From the rack cards we build out legal size posters to be placed around the local area and newspaper ads to run in local publications.

Sausagefest keeps me busy and I am always happy to help out this amazing event.

Sausagefest Rack Cards 1
SF22 Stickers
SF22 Stickers 2
SF22 Rack Card Front
SF 23 Rack Card - PRESS_Page_1.png
SF 23 Rack Card - PRESS_Page_2.png
SF Stickers Kiss Cut Print.jpg
SF 23 Legal Poster - PRESS.jpg
LogoCircle Setup.png
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